Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Sunday Riteaid Trip !

My $6.28 Riteaid trips

Did it in 5 different transactions at 4 different RiteAids 

One Manger Sub the Airwicks for Glade that was really sweet of him :)!!

I still have yet to get my $10 for buying $30 I only bought $29.65 WTF !! Can you believe that I am so over it! But I guess I will go tomorrow to get some of the Purex Crystals if my coupons come in the mail that I traded with someone. They had 2 more left so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

And I forgot to use my Ajax coupon so I am returning that tomorrow to use the coupon!!!


  1. the airwick aerosol sprays...There was a b1g1 in sunday's paper right? what kind of sale do they have going ?

  2. there was a buy one get one coupon and a buy one get one sale making both of them free this week at Riteaid ! it was awesome !