Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CVS Trip ! 1/30 MM !!

$7.86 in tax OOP
After Rebates it will be a $11.22 MM Trip !! ($12.99 Rebate for Makeup - $3.99 Mouth Wash Rebate , $2.00 Saving Star for Instyle.)

I had a super awesome time with my coupon shopping buddy ! We hit about 3 CVS Stores.
I rolled a lot of ECB's in the end it came out to me having spent $7.86 in tax OOP ! That was really awesome  the fact is I am submitting for a $12.99 Rebate for the Makeup and a $3.99 Rebate on the Mouth wash.
I also made $2.00 in my SavingStar account for buying the Instyle Mag so that made that Free because I also used the $2.00 coupon on it !
I would like more mens shaving cream hopfully I can find more ! And also I think that the shaving cream counted towards the $5 when you spend $50 Beauty Reward so even bigger MM !!

I forgot also found more free hair dye ! It countes towards the $5 when you spend $50 Beauty Reward ! I gave like 5 away before I took this pic ! lol

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