Sunday, May 29, 2011

CVS Free TRIP !!!!

6 Fuze - $1 each bought 6 used (3) $1 off 2 Coupons - Cost $3 got $3 Reward Back - FREE
1 - Preparation H wipe - $4 used -$2 off Coupon - Cost $2 - Got $4 back - $2 MM
2- Green Bag Tags - Free with Coupons
4 - Crystal Lights togo - Free with Coupons
12 - Clearance makeups all under $2 used $2 coupons all free !!
2 - Mars Cho Candy $1 got $1 Reward Back - FREE !
1 - Nail Polish $4.99 - Got back $4.00 - Cost $.99
2 - Crest Toothpaste $1.99 used $1 Coupon - Got back $1 Reward for Each
Also Used a $5 off 25 Coupon !

I paid with rewards and coupons my subtotal was $0.00
Paid $1.05 tax !!


  1. I'm new to couponing, and saw a post you did on WUC. Can you give a little bit more detail as to HOW you do this?

    I feel like I am spending a ton of money trying to get this process started- tons of ebay coupon auctions, newspapers, etc. But I am NO WHERE near as good at this as you are!!!!

    I looked at page after page of this blog and I am blown away.

    How did you start? What one piece of advice can you give me?

    THanks Ebony!!

  2. Well the 1st thing you need to do is start REALLY REALLY small :)

    Buy only 2 newspapers a week if you like you can buy 4 papers a week.

    You really don't need to buy coupons unless you really need them.

    If you are in the south is the best site ever and you can go to her class it will be the best $10 you ever spend ! And Hubbys / Boyfriends get into the class free :)

    But look at Southernsavers she can teach you everything just start small and don't try to do ever single store. Start off with one store get to know it and work your way up. I mean I have just learned about Wags this week and I have been doing this for about 1/2 a year.

  3. Ok, I feel SO much better now that you said you've only been doing this half a year. I keep trying to wrap my mind around RR and how to break up transactions etc. But you've given me hope that it CAN be done!!!! I assumed you had been couponing for YEARS, because you've got skill!!!

    I looked at wish I lived in the area to take a class. But I love the web site & I got a lot out of it already.

    Thanks so much Ebony!!!!!

    (PS- Good trip today!! I saw your latest post!!!)