Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walgreens Trip ! FREE !! @ $100 of Stuff free ( +Tax) !

10 - Ritz Crackelfuls - FREE 

4 – Kids Aquefresh - FREE

7 -  Illy Canned Drinks - FREE

4 – Ecotrin – Free – Made .50 by using $1.50 off Coupon

8 – Icy Hot – Free – Made - .99 by using $1.00 off Coupon reduced to .99

5 – Goody Powders – Free! Did a transtions where I bought Ritz and Goddy Powers used $1.50 off Ritz Crackefuls and $2 RR

6 – Dry Ideas Used BOGO Coupons on BOGO sale!

I paid about $3 tax on all of this!! I LOVE WALGREENS! The manger was sooooo nice to me. I went to 2 different Walgreens the 1st one didn’t have the Ritz then went to another one I asked them to check and they had gotten a special Fedex Shipment of them in!!! SO I went back to my 1st store told the manger and he found a whole box he told me I could have all 10 but I only took 5!! He was like u know more about my store than me! :) He wanted to get rid of them quick because he had told so many people he didn’t have them lol and felt badly :) I did transaction after transaction with the Ritz and Illy Drinks RR !

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