Thursday, March 31, 2011

FREE POPCORN & $0.01 Bleach !

FREE POPCORN & $0.01 Bleach !

I ordered 20 coupon's from ebay for .50 off of 1 Jolly Time Popcorn on Monday for only $2 that included the shipping and they got here today ! Just in time for the Publix Penny Item ! I visited 2 different Publix stores ! I have never done that before but the penny item today was good and I didn't want to shelf clear !!!

(20) Boxes of Jolly Time Popcorn - $1.00 each
Used .50 off coupon it doubled making all of the popcorn FREE !!!

(2) Publix Bleaches - 0.01 each with Penny Item of the Day Coupon's 

*I was having a kind of horrible day but this REALLY cheered me up ! I <3 Coupons thanks for telling me teaching me how to coupon (Southern Savers)

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