Monday, March 21, 2011

My Friday - Sunday Trips ! Getting Paid to shop !

My Friday Kroger trip

Saved 89% It would have been more but my boyfriend (who I should NEVER take shopping but I LOVE HIM !) Jeremy had to have 2 cabury Eggs that he ate as soon as they were scaned and the Kit-Kat  . . . . LOL boys are sooooooooooooo CUTE !

My total was $4.55 (includes tax)

I am so went to Kroger on Sunday and Got Free Candy Which you will be happy to know I took to my boyfriend ! Yes , I asm trying to stay on track with this weight watchers ! :)

I got all the candy for $0.06 tax :)
I used 4- .50 off coupons found HERE it doubled to $1.00 making both free they are on sale for .50 each


I went to walmart because I was having a really really really bad day and couponing cheers me up ! and getting money back and FREE stuff really does it for me. It cheered me up

I go $30.28 worth of things for FREE they gave me $1.60 to take this out of there store !! :)


SO RITE AID wasnt good this week :(
So I just used 3 rain checks to get some free mixes !
the mix rain check were for $1.00 each. I had coupons and they were giving UP's back so free !

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