Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ugh ! Walgreens Trip !

I had to JUST HAD TO do this awesome deal at Walgreens !

I got what I always get at the Lake City Walgreens ! Horrible customer service and I didn't even use one coupon! Isn’t that sooooo funny! I thought that I was being treated like this because of the amount of coupons I use to use in there. But no they are just every rude people.

Here is what happened. I paid for my 5 cups of Fruity Pebbles, I got back 2 $4 RR and also a free bottle of Propel Water , and $1.00 Crest Coupon so that was nice.

I did one more transaction I got 4 wet wipes. Then I decided to put one back and the cashier was like I can't void anything. We passed words for about 5 mins then she finally voided it and I left. Worst trip ever there were so many workers standing around looking and talking!

I called the 1 800 Wags number to complain . They say they will get back with me in around 24 - 48 hours. We will see what will happen . . . . .  .

I sware off of Walgreens for a reason this is what I get for needing a good deal !! I LOVE Fruity Pebbles :) My tummy got the best of me.

Guess I will speed these $4 ups at Wal-Mart ! LOL !!


  1. Sadly, some Wags are like that. Others are not though. The one closest to my house has one horrible cashier that always seems to be working when I go there. The 2 closest to where are work are totally different. Super nice, super coupon friendly. Go figure!

  2. LOL !! I know right the one that's 6 miles down the road from me is like that :) ! they are nice but the bad one jaded m agaist all wags lolz !!